List of Social Networks to Share Your Online Content

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List of Social Networks to Share Your Online Content
The Internet is a great place for self-expression. People of all types are able to create and share all over the web. Sometimes, however, it can be daunting to find one's own personal voice, as well as find the perfect medium to showcase that voice or talent. Most people have had their fair share of different mediums to create and share.

Some have even managed to find ways to monetize their talents via different social media and network outlets. Others have turned to blogging to display their writing prowess or simply rant about the latest thing hitting their respective headspace. While there are a multitude of platforms to share different things over the Internet, some avenues even best out others. 

Places to Share Your Blogs

There are many places to create a blog. From Blogspot to Tumblr, and Wordpress, there is bound to be a platform that suits the unique tastes of many people. Each person has the ability to also customize and personalize the blog so as to make it look uniquely their own. Tumblr, for example, uses many themes, and is very much a unique form of blogging in which users have the ability to reblog other posts, and create different captions along the way.

Many posts are quotes or simply just singular pictures. It's definitely different from a Wordpress blog, which is more geared towards people who desire a greater range of control over the content. Each of these particular blogging platforms have their own methods of sharing content with others. Some have also found their ways into integrating each post into Twitter, which is considered a micro-blog, where a limited number of characters are used in a post that is shown to one's "followers" list.

Places to Share Your Online Videos

YouTube is by far the most popular of all the Video Sharing sites in the world. However, there are other alternatives each with their own perks. For television enthusiasts, Hulu is a great place to share webisodes and even episodes that originally air on TV. Vimeo has a great platform to share personal video, the quality of which is usually considered higher than YouTube's standard. is another great site for sharing videos, and can be a great asset for businesses. It allows others to distribute videos to a variety of social networking sites as well.

Yahoo Video has a fairly small community, but is another great way to get a wider audience and more visibility. Other sites are Metacafe, Facebook, and Flickr. Metacafe, however, has a lot of advertisements being displayed on all their sites, Facebook has limited sharing capacity especially when trying to embed videos to an outside source, and Flickr only displays the first 90 seconds of a video.

Places to Share Your InfoGraphics

InfoGraphics are a hot commodity with businesses and can be shared on many platforms as well. They are generally made to collect and share information rather quickly, many times showing graphs and data, and they give users the ability to showcase and spread knowledge in a timely fashion.

Great websites for sharing infographics include Pinterest,,,,,, and

List of Social Media Sites for Business

Social media use is becoming a necessity for businesses to increase customers and create a brand name for themselves. Whether you're just starting up or you have an established company, social media networks are great ways to increase business. Examples of great websites are: Biznik,,, E.factor, and

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